Coming from the Swedish group TETRAPAK laboratory research, the metalloïd coating, which allowed to preserve milk from light, generated other unsuspected applications, notably in matter of decoration.

AURUM CERAMICS has developed an original technique enabling to obtain reflective surfaces with a metallic aspect on enamelled ceramic tiles.

The tiles treated with the AURUM patented process offer a much higher mechanical and chemical resistance than those gilded by traditional methods applying precious metals. Depending on the intrinsic qualities of the tiles, exterior use is possible.

AURUM offers a wide choice of metallic, glossy, satinlike or mat colors. Its unique process allows to create multicolored patterns, where the original enamel is associated with several metallic colors on the same tile, offering unsuspected possibilities of decors. In the same way, the metallic listellos harmoniously complete colored tiles which they enhance with elegance.

The gloss of AURUM tiles, linked to the reflection they project of the environnement, generates incomparable optical effects of refined a esthetic quality.

Originating its activities from France, AURUM CERAMICS build many specific jobs everywhere the metallic techniq is chosen as an original way of rethinking architecture.